How to have a firearm sent to you:

  1. ALL OF OUR FIREARMS YOU SEE ON THIS WEB SITE ARE IN STOCK. IF THE PARTICULAR FIREARM IS NOT IN STOCK IT WILL NOT BE LISTED ON THIS WEB SITE. First, place your order. The bill to and ship to addresses can match. We automatically know not to ship a gun to you and that is has to be shipped to your FFL. Second, call your local FFL [Federal Firearms Dealer] Dealer and let them know you purchased a firearm from Stone Arms Inc. Ask them to Fax 251-607-9533 OR email us a copy of their FFL (Federal Firearms License) at Please ensure that the fax includes your order confirmation number. Contrary to popular belief your local gun dealer DOES NOT need a copy of our FFL from us prior to us shipping the firearm. If your local gun dealer insists on receiving a copy of our FFL prior to our shipping we will provide a copy of our FFL. However, this will most likely unnecessarily prolong the shipping process. Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email notification to include the tracking number. Your firearm will be shipped with a copy of our FFL, your receipt as well as your contact information so that your local dealer has no problem contacting you upon arrival. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ITEM AND DO NOT SEE IT ON OUR WEB SITE SHOOT US AN EMAIL AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. JUST BECAUSE YOU MAY NOT SEE IT ON OUR WEB SITE DOES NOT MEAN WE CAN'T GET IT.
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